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Building Types

Read our latest blogs for useful information about our full range of building types, from which building type is best for your project to the differences between the building types. 

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modular building

The traditional brick-and-mortar building method has been around for centuries and has cemented i

30 January 2024
Teacher teaching children

As the demand for nursery, school, and college places continues to rise, the education sector fac

6 November 2023

The recent “Early Years Funding” budget announcement is already leading to an increase in demand for additional nursery space.

28 April 2023

Modular buildings are an increasingly popular choice with companies expanding or looking for flexible space in their buildings. This growing demand is particularly evident in the health and education sectors as they struggle with the demands being placed on them. So why are they proving so popular now given they have been available for many years? 

3 October 2022

Modular building and traditional construction begin with the same procedures, planning, designs, approvals, and site preparations with many common materials involved too. However, there are many differences which will dictate which method is the best choice for your needs. 

8 September 2022

One of the biggest benefits to the buyer is the growing cost-effective contribution evolving from modular development in both initial cost and ongoing maintenance. Modular building has always offered the benefits of a traditional build at a fraction of the cost and time however the gap is widening, driven by the rapid creativity in the industry. 

29 July 2022

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